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Join conditions

1, a stable workplace (shop), and to the company to provide business license, tax registration certificate and other relevant qualification certificate.

2, shall not operate or agents with the company's competitive products.

3, to understand the industry development trends and the status of the local industry market. The same time as

4, with a certain sales ability.

5, with the company's product installation, maintenance capabilities.

6, with a good spirit of cooperation, by expanding market share, get more benefits.

Joining process

1, combined with their own resources and the actual situation of the local market, to do further in-depth investigation.

2, according to the applicant's request, the company to join the basic profile of the city, shopping district, store location, inspection.

3, to the company headquarters for a detailed project inspection.

4, with the relevant investment person in charge of detailed communication, to understand the details of the contract terms, signed a cooperation agreement.

5, after the signing of the contract to pay operating margin, for the relevant procedures.

6, agents according to the company to provide the design program began to renovate, and with the help of the company to prepare for the operation.

7, the company will provide the required qualification information and medals.

8, into the normal sales operation stage, the company will be in marketing and product sales and store management and other aspects of management information.

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