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Teach you how to polish your car
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 Polishing can paint the aging of the paint film grinding, so that the new film produced, restore bright. Polishing operations are divided into: paint oxidation renovation polishing, most vehicles do; paint scratch repair operations, most of the local.

The basic structure of the paint
Topcoat ---- Primer ---- Phosphate layer (paint primer) ---- iron plate
Oxide layer
Sunshine perennial exposure is the main reason to shorten the paint, this process is called the oxide layer
① deep oxide layer: refers to the car used in two to three years of the car;
② moderate oxide layer: refers to the car used in one to two years to the car;
③ mild oxide layer: refers to the car used within a year of the car.
The judgment of the paint
①, hair scratches: car wash, car or a slight friction caused by the fine scratches, the general hand touch no feeling.
②, shallow scratches: topcoat is destroyed, no exposed primer scratches for shallow scratches.
③, moderate scratches: topcoat is destroyed, exposing the scratches of the primer for moderate scratches.
④, the depth of scratches: exposed the car iron plate scratches for the depth of scratches.
Polish abrasives
1, grinding agent; contains small particles, you can remove the depth of the oxide layer and slightly scratched and sprayed when the pitting and vertical
2. Paint finish Polishing agent: finer than the abrasive particles, can remove the paint in the mild scratches, the goods contained in the paint in the paint when the paint into the paint, add paint to lose the oil to play care Bright role, also known as moderate polish.
3. Fast polish: finer than the reduction polish, also known as fineness polish. With the removal of oxide and waxing double effect, as the last polishing process, can be done by hand to make up for the uneven polishing machine generated by the phenomenon of aura effect, also known as brightener.
Use of variable speed polishing machine (grinding machine)
Mechanical polishing machine is divided into electric and pneumatic two kinds of electric polishing machine described in a larger and adjustable, power, grinding and polishing effect is better, pay attention to the power of the machine for beginners to time for beginners Pay attention to the state of the machine, so as not to damage the paint. Pneumatic polishing machine is low, and the grinding and polishing performance is poor, grinding and polishing operation efficiency is relatively low. We generally use electric polishing machine Variable speed polishing machine is a set of grinding and polishing as one of the equipment, the installation of grinding disc can be grinding operations, the installation of polishing disc can be polishing operations. Variable speed polishing machine is through the rotating grinding disc or polishing disc to smooth and polished paint to remove the small paint defects, and improve the brightness.


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