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How to maintain and repair pneumatic polishing machine
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To make the use of pneumatic polishing machine longer, the proper use and maintenance of equipment is necessary, and can improve the efficiency of the equipment, do both, the following describes how to maintain pneumatic polishing machine.

Pneumatic polishing machine use:
Operation of the pneumatic polishing machine when the first installation of the polishing pad to ensure that the screws have been tightened, locked; and then you can start polishing the program work, and first lift the handle to relax the lever, and then put down the handle, so that the polishing head can freely float up and down ; Turn the rotary lock button, and then turn the rotary handle forward, open the tube polishing machine, after the success of the opening, the thumb from the security lock button to open; move the tube polishing machine to take "W" shape, or move forward automatically Polishing machine, began to first floor waxing layer polishing. After the automatic polishing machine must be started to keep the automatic polishing machine to move normally, this is to avoid damage to the wax layer and the floor surface; in order to prevent the motor overload, the machine is equipped with circuit overload protection device. If the circuit breaker is broken, wait 10 seconds before it can be reset. When the floor is waxed, after the polishing process is finished, the rotary handle will be turned backward and the safety lock button will be disengaged to make the pipe polishing machine Stop the rotation; work is completed, keep the automatic polishing machine back ramp, rear wheel to the ground, this is done to prevent the phenomenon of damage to the polishing pad, or you can take away the polishing pad


Pneumatic polishing machine maintenance:

Pneumatic polishing machine for regular maintenance, maintenance, pneumatic polishing machine can always be in a good state of production operations to ensure the normal production.
First of all to ensure that the pneumatic polishing machine is stable and solid, with or without loose skew phenomenon, do a good job of cleaning machine cleaning machine table, regular use of automatic polishing machine to use lubricants for production and maintenance; do a good job on the power line check To see if there is power supply exposed, if the timely replacement of the power cord; the transmission motor to do a timely protection, if the motor does not turn or stop to do a good job in time to check the repair; regular automatic polishing machine mechanical screw fastening The
Proper use and maintenance of equipment can extend the service life of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the machining


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