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YK ShangPu (SUNPU) is a professional manufacturer of car polishers, wax and polishing accessories for machinery. The manufacture has been designed to develop a international level of the industry with a compact construction area of 20,000 sequare meters areas. It provides advance industrial platform with efficient professional production flow with accurate testing equipments to create high quality products and services.

YK ShangPu (SUNPU) also equipped with a group of professional technicalengineers team that focused on design, research and development. The SUNPU group also provides OEM and ODM for overseas clients and has been repute with best selling machines globally. With the well know OE manufacture such as ShangPu, Shunning, SunPu and Hantai for two decades.

Our manufacture also qualified with ISO 9001, CE, GS, EMC, ETL, ROHs certifications. YKSP SUNPU are welly distribute polishing tools across Europe, North & South America, South East Asia and expanding towards middle east and globally.

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